the illustrations were "weak" – I would

La Wahasayef
Awad Dokhi 3
Wheelhouse (Deluxe Version)

Waking Up
Al Album Al Akheer
Bulletproof Picasso (Live) – Single
American Saturday Night (Bonus Track Version)
Awesome as **** (Live)
Rejet Lk Tani
a girl a bottle a boat

Early on in this film, especially if

Songs of Experience
Etrekni Ahebak
Shelat Gaziy Bin Sahab, Vol. 3
Wana Wyak
Save Rock and Roll
I was expecting flash cards- quick concise info on front
Moonshine in the Trunk
Wheelhouse (Cracker Barrel Special Edition)
Yarab Astor
As/Is (Live @ Philadelphia, PA & Hartford, CT – 8/14/04-8/15/04)
Layali Iraqi

There has been a quality to

Sundown Heaven Town (Deluxe Edition)
Awad Dokhi 2
Ya Taab Hali

*This review contains SPOILERS.*

Alive at Last (Live)
Harbee Al Amre 2005